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Different types of Basin Mixers

How to choose the Best Basin Mixers?


What is the difference between a single lever and a dual lever basin mixer, and which one is best for my bathroom or kitchen?

Single lever mixers have one handle for both flow and temperature control, offering simplicity and modern style. Dual lever mixers have separate handles for hot and cold water, allowing for more precise temperature adjustments.

Can I use a basin mixer with my existing sink, or do I need to purchase a specific type of sink for installation?

Our basin mixers are designed to be compatible with most standard sinks. Ensure your sink has pre-drilled holes or is suitable for the mixer’s installation type.

Are your basin mixers suitable for low water pressure systems, and do you offer any solutions for homes with limited water pressure?

Many of our mixers work efficiently with low water pressure systems. Features like aerators and special cartridge technology optimize water flow, making them ideal for homes with limited water pressure. Contact our customer service team for personalized advice.

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